• Simma

My One Minute Song Project

In early 2020, the bottom dropped out of the world for many working musicians when Covid-19 deprived us of our passion, our livelihood and our audience. After a few weeks of not being able to even look at a guitar or a microphone, I decided that I was either a musician or I wasn't, and if I was going to continue I had better make some music.

I decided to create a series of one minute songs to keep me creative in the gig-drought and to improve my (rudimentary at best) home recording skills.

If you've not heard me before, please go and have a listen to my actual album Lychnobite on Spotify. These are sketches, and me finding my way with making music at home, but I hope you enjoy them

Paypal tipjar - - drop something in and we'll send you a CD of stuff recorded before the Covid apocolypse.



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